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fuel system maintenance

the problem

During your engine's combustion process, the burned
gasoline leaves behind a layer of carbon. This carbon
layer can build up in your engine, causing unwanted
turbulence that chokes the air flow into your engine's

The result? It makes your engine work harder, robbing
you of fuel mileage and ejecting extra pollutants into
the air. What's more, the longer your engine goes
without cleaning, the harder it is to remove all the
accumulated carbon buildup.

5 symptoms of a dirty fuel system
the solution

Regularly scheduled AutoEKG Fuel System Analyzer
check-ups and Professional Fuel System Cleanings
will help prevent the buildup of heavy carbon deposits
in your engine, ensuring your vehicle will continue to
perform the way it is designed.

Today's advanced fuel system cleaning formula is
designed to remove the carbon buildup from your
engine in just under 30 minutes. In vehicles where
carbon buildup is causing performance issues, a fuel
system cleaning will improve fuel economy, restore
lost power and performance, and reduce pollutants.*

how often should this service be done? Professional induction fuel servicing recommended every 15,000 miles.
  • Lost Power
  • Knocking
  • Pinging
  • Rough Idling
  • Tough Starts
  • Engine Run-On
  • "Rotten Egg" Smell
  • Hesitation
  • High Emissions
  • Poor Fuel Economy
we get precise results

This is why we encourage periodic
testing and analysis with AutoEKG
Fuel System Analyzer... a fast, simple
fuel system analyzer test that
provides an accurate report of a
vehicle's fuel system condition and

For more information on how a Professional Fuel System Cleaning can improve your
vehicle's performance, see your service advisor or professional automotive service technician.

Want to learn more about how the AutoEKG Fuel System Analyzer
makes you a more informed customer?



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